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Air Hunger 7" $6
Occult Whispers label deathrock, feat. Dez from Cemetery, etc.

A.S.U.R.A. "Cranial Warfare" 7" $5
Metal/dark/punk, from Grim Winds label in Philadelphia.

Bulkrate "In the temple of the serpent" 12" $10
Praxis, imported from Berlin.

Death Sex Advocates / Monitor Lizard split 12" $15
Dualing HxC ragers documenting the heights of Cincinnati's awesome DIY punk scene in 2015; a dozen trax from each band; absolutely for fans of things that sound wild as fuck. Recorded locally by the bands (with Jerry & Hoffman of Vacation, etc.) Mastered by Dan at Black Matter in Nashville. Comes with multiple full color posters, lyrix sheets, vinyl stickers, CD hand-screenprinted, black vinyl for playing instead of chilling on a shelf!

Divtech "Stasis Confines Action Conditions" 12" $15
The best intersection of breakcore, industrial noize, and contemporary anarcho-punk in 2016 for real, globally. Divtech's first vinyl LP, created 2013-16 during a nomadic chapter living incide a modified cargo van, mastered by Audiosiege, first pressing 500 LP's and 100 CD's, June 2016 at Realicide house in Cincinnati. For anyone who's been inspired by the old Digital Hardcore gang, ethos of Praxis, Realicide in the band's later years, or the avant and calculated nature of old punk bands like Conflict, this album is very very highly recommended. 12" LP record comes with zine of lyrix/essays, stickers, and a ready-to-cut stencil. Hear/download the album at

Dreams In Hell "Oblivion" 12" $15
Cincylvania's unforgivable void of DEATHROCK relieved by goth punk nosferdudes Dreams In Hell with their debut album Oblivion. Written throughout Robert Inhuman's 300th year on a trifling mortal coil, comprised of Dark Ceremony DIY goth parties, including benefit event for Bat Conservation International, and seemingly endless nights of crying inconsolably at the crippling regret that is enduring a world of unflinching defaults and questionable sincerity. Jerry of Vacation & Tweens on bass, Dustin of White Walls & Abduction on guitar, the one and only Duke Paranormal on drums, vox (including backwards Twin Peaks style) by Robert Inhuman, backing vox by Ving Creature, mastered by Mavis Concave. 19 September 2013, 300 LP, 500 CD, full color jacket with accompanying zine of artwerk and vinyl sticker. Realicide Youth Records (CIDE#77)

Dying / Less Life split 12" $12
Philadelphia XVX hardcore, really nice screenprinted cover.

Evolve "Breaking Down The Barriers" 12" $12
The fifth collection of Evolve, "Breaking Down The Barriers" is Cincinnati's magick union of conscious hiphop, experimental punk, and psychedelic electronica. Fully inspired by both spiritual and socio-political aspects of the cut-up process, this album is bathed in warm and propagandic tape collage, over thick electronic drums crafted from various hardware, featuring several collaborative beats by Mavis Concave (Praey, Realicide, Thumper). Lyrical performances by the project's founder Colin Murray, as well as Jim Swill (Realicide) and Freak-One (Chemical Committee), run consistent in every way to their electronically collaged platform. Key topics include resisting the slavery of corporate capitalism, both physically literal and that of the mind and soul, dietary consciousness and an emphasis of life as sacred, both individually in animals and our Earth as one collective being, countering social stereotypes of gender, class systems, and the means of sustaining one's self with or without consumerist vices... Art direction by Robert Inhuman includes video stills and imagery from events by Bunk News, the crew that revived an excitement for new DIY arts in Cincinnati throughout 2009 while this music was being created. Mastered by Mavis Concave. "Breaking Down The Barriers" is in many ways the Realicide label's follow-up to "Resisting The Viral Self", the Realicide album released earlier the same year. Although the aesthetics of Evolve differ greatly from the label's tendencies towards abrasive hardcore, the Evolve project was formed at the same time as Realicide in 2002, and has progressed parallel over the years with similar social aims. "Breaking Down The Barriers" is the first Evolve album published on vinyl LP, and its CD version contains dozens of additional songs and cut-up selections. Both formats are accompanied by an extensive zine featuring all lyrics and dialogue clips transcribed, as well as supplementary essays and artwork by various collaborators. This record is highly recommended to anyone who appreciates the urgent themes found in most other Realicide Youth Records and is interested in experiencing comparable ideas through a different array of musical styles. Beyond aesthetic boundaries; beyond the numbing masks and psychick chains any of us may wear; moving forward together in favor of an energy healing One Earth and all its humble cells which we all ultimately are; surely this Earth is rather the One to heal us all. 23 October 2009, for Realicide Youth Records. (1st Edition: 500 LP & 1,000 CD)

Heartworm / Selector Catalogue split 7” $5
Ann Arbor & San Francisco breakcore, collaborative pressing from From The Gut & 5lowershop.

Realicide "Lifelong Exit" 7" $5
A. Waking From That Final Dream + B. Lifelong Exit = Two slower synth-driven songs written by Robert Inhuman literally inside a dark closet in the later months of 2007, not released until 2010 with help from War On Records (Oakland, CA). Inspired by the morbid qualities of deathrock and industrial, and with an overtly damaged optimism, these tracks actually predate much of what is found on previous Realicide 7”s and the “Resisting” LP. More noticeably musical than most other Realicide records, and the element of hardcore is pushed into the far background, making this 7” a unique break from what the group is more commonly known for. 300 copies, September 2010.

Realicide "Resisting The Viral Self" 12" $13
"Resisting The Viral Self" is a rare circumstance of Realicide finally completing an extensive studio album of a highly collaborative nature. In contrast to the project's extensive output of live bootlegs and other very rough material, here is a very defined and focused collective energy from artists across the US throughout late 2007 until early 2009. This body of work includes the lyrics and voices of Robert Inhuman and Jim Swill; the hardware and software electronic music of Vankmen, Ryan Faris (of Capital Hemorrhage), Evolve, and Steven Cano (tik///tik); additional sampling by Simon Severe; and mastered by Mavis Concave. Sonically, "Resisting The Viral Self" ranges from Realicide's established style of very abrasive gabber punk, inspired by certain sects of harsh noise and classic digital hardcore, yet venturing into other means at times, such as dark ambient soundscapes facilitating spoken tracks and delicate sound collages. Lyrically, the album claims allegiance most strongly to the roots of Anarcho-punk and other combative, yet ultimately constructive, efforts in promoting a lifestyle based in equality and the courage to experiment regardless of social pressures (especially against these social pressures). The 12" vinyl holds the essentials of the album, at 17 minutes each side, but the CD format has allowed the material to be doubled, at 48 tracks and filling the disc with as much raw hardcore and industrial mania as possible. Both versions of the album are available in full-color printed jackets, featuring artwork by Robert Inhuman, and are accompanied by an extensive zine. Though a modest stack of xeroxed text and drawings, this zine is completely supplemental to the music of "Resisting The Viral Self". In addition to all technical credits and lyrics, essays elaborating on the content of almost every track are presented, along with essays regarding the ethical philosophies and policies surrounding Realicide in every aspect of its operation. Vinyl stickers are also included with both CD and LP versions. For anyone who has an interest in Realicide and has waited through years of many less coherent bootleg releases, or anyone who has been increasingly hungry for a band that can very directly utilize electronic hardcore as a vehicle for radical and socio-political propaganda, this is an album that can give you what you've been hunting for - with a terrifying vehemence yet an unwavering message of compassion and self-sacrifice. FIGHT THIS HELL. REDEFINE HARDCORE. 29 March 2009, for Realicide Youth Records (1st Edition: 500 LP & 1,000 CD)

Realicide "The Choice Is Yours" 12" $10
A collaborative experiment with hard broken beat imprint Void Tactical Media in Detroit, “The Choice Is Yours” is the first Realicide EP designed to be slightly more adherent for creative DJ use. This record breaks away from an over-saturated montage of mangled speedcore anxiety found on other Realicide releases, in favor of 4 longer, more straight-forward bastardized gabber punk anthems which largely serve as extended sequels to songs originally found on the “Resisting The Viral Self” LP earlier in 2009. The title track is an elaboration on the 2008 song “Autonomy”, created by Robert Inhuman, Evolve, and Jim Swill. A2 “The Passive Observer” is an elaboration on the 2007 song “The Audience Sucks”, with one of the absolute best Vankmen gabber beats backing Inhuman and Swill. B1 track “No War Can Be Won” is a Crass-inspired remix combining elements of previous songs “Neutralizing Opiate”, “Autonomy”, and “No Xenophobic HxC”. And B2 is a sequel to Mavis Concave’s electribe anthem “Open Eyes”, with extended lyrics by Inhuman and Swill. Overtly combative yet urgently outreaching, Realicide represents a minority contingent of electronic-driven punx in post-911 America, progressing a personalized vision apart from any dogmatic precedents established in hardcore. Screenprinted covers + insert posters. 1st Edition: 300, October 2009.

Realicide / Capital Hemorrhage split 7" $5
Originally created for Apop Records, when it was never pressed we decided this could be the first vinyl release properly handled by the Realicide label. Each band offers 2 tracks, one being a cover song of the other band. Realicide “The Audience Sucks” and “Army Beta Test” (C.H. cover), featuring merciless speedcore gabber by Vankmen and industrial rock programming by Mavis Concave, with voice and further editing by Robert Inhuman. Capital Hemorrhage “Man Of Steel” (Realicide cover w/ words by Jim Swill) and “Familiar Death”, a bleak and disjointed mix of hardcore and no-wave noiserock by the duo also known for Ultra//Vires, Hentai Lacerator, Often, and their DIY label Outfall Channel. Mastered Weasel Walter. Cover art by Ryan Faris of C.H. and inner sleeve artwork by Ben S. of Saint Louis’ Freezerburn Zine. This record clearly exemplifies 2 sorts of progressive hardcore associated with Realicide Youth Records, and will also serve as the precursor to the upcoming Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self” LP on this label, among other more concentrated releases by bands and artists that do not necessarily share an identical aesthetic, but more importantly find common ground in their ideologies and general methods of seeking dialogue with the world surrounding them... 500 copies, December 2008 by Realicide Youth Records & Outfall Channel.

Speak Onion "Unanswered" 12" $15
NYC breakcore drum-n-noize, equally brutal and beautiful! Debut 12" LP from Pittsburgh's Ohm Resistance!

Stagediver ‘I’ 7” $5
Milwaukee amiga speedcore.

Stagediver ‘II’ 7” $5
Milwaukee amiga speedcore

Stagediver ‘III’ 7” $5
Milwaukee amiga speedcore

They Feed At Night / Bell Tower Bats split 7" $5
Southern California deathrock, screenprinted cover.

Xtra Vomit / Positive Noise split 7” $5
HxC punk from west Michigan!

V.A. "The Neighbors Are Dead" 2x12" $17
Document of the Murfreesboro DIY music scene surrounding the life of their House House venue, hosting insane noise/punk/weird stuff during 2006-2009. Featuring previously unreleased Realicide studio track "Deliverance", Social Junk, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Lazer Slut, MANY more!