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"Survival is a Radical Act" shirt


New shirt design to raise money for Decide Today tour to Alaska in July 2018. If you like it and buy one, that is what it's helping us do. Art on the back too (see photos)

Please share this link with anyone who may be down to support, or who likes moths, or the moon, or anarchy. Folks local to Cincinnati are welcome to just paypal $17 to and pick up a shirt to avoid shipping costs.

Shirts are $17 because we are not using cheaper brands like Gildan anymore. We are only using USA-made shirts, not out of any patriotism whatsoever, but just to be certain it's not straight up slave labor. These are printed by our homie Marky Shotgunblast, on Bella Canvas brand. If anybody thinks we should consider alternatives, feel welcome to contact us. Here's info about BC shirts meanwhile:

We will also be copying new Decide Today lyrix sheets including this art and its supplementary written piece. Also a few new vinyl stickers. We'll include this stuff with shirts whenever possible, of course.

Design concept and accompanying text by Scout Burns
Illustration by Robert Imhuman