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"as long as I'm alive I'ma live illegal"


The 36 Strategies (ancient Chinese folk)
100 Ways To Disappear & Live Free
An Anarchist Organising Manual
Anarchist Agitation & Community Building
Anarchism and the Movement Against Globalization in the United States
Anarchism, Alternative Publishers and Copyright
Anarchism & Racism
Anarchism Versus Civilization
Anarchism: What It Is & What It Isn't
The Anarchist Solution To The Problem of Crime
The Art of War (sun tzu)
The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement
The Art & Science of Shoplifting
Autonomous Self-Organization & Anarchist Intervention
Beyond Squat or Rot (anarchist approaches to housing)
The Coming Insurrection (by The Invisible Committee)
Decide Today: Don't Talk To Cops / Bulletbelt
Direct Action Tactics
Enemies of The State (interviews with D.Gilbert, L.Whitehorn, M.Buck)
Excited Delirium (a protestor's guide to "less lethal" police weaponry)
Got The Hollow Points For The Snitches (how to defeat snitching within resistance)
Greenwashing And You
How Non-violence Protects The State
How To Justify Workplace Theft
The Illegitimacy of Violence, The Violence of Legitimacy
Indroducing Anarcho-Syndicalism
Insurrectionary Anarchy: Organising For Attack!
Intellectual Property Is Theft
It's Okay To Be an -IST
Life Without Law (intro to anarchist politics)
Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences
On The Road Again: Direct Action Underground
Post-Civ! (intro to concept of post-civilization)
Piece Now Peace Later (intro to firearms)
Security & Counter-Surveillance (info against police state)
Security Culture (pamphlet)
Security Culture (handbook for activists)
Take What You Need And Compost The Rest (intro to post-civ theory)
Wasted Indeed: Anarchy & Alcohol
We Don't Support The Troops
We Intend To Live In Peace
We Never Sleep (2002 newsletter of Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network)


Against All Odds (ALF 1972-86 UK)
The Animal Liberation Front Primer (third edition)
The Animal Liberation Movement: Its Philosophy, Its Achievements, and Its Future
As Darkness Falls (ALF primer)
Bite Back #17 (direct action mag, US)
Counter Friction (1998 newsletter of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade)
Declaration of War (justifiable homocide in defense of animals & environment)
Derrick Jensen: Leaving The Comfort Zone, Industrialism Must Go, Vivisection
Earth First Climber's Guide Vol.1
Earth First Climber's Guide Vol.2
Earth First Means Social War (becoming an anti-capitalist ecological force)
Earth First! News spring 2014
Earth First! News summer 2014
Earth First! News fall 2014
Earth First Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual
The Final Nail #4 (destroying the fur industry)
Frequently Asked Questions About The Earth Liberation Front
Going Underground For Animal Liberation
Homo Milk - Cows Bash Back (vegan)
How To Sink Whalers, Driftnetters, and Other Environmentally Destructive Ships
Hunt Saboteurs Association - New Member's Pack (old, UK)
Inside Out: Diary of Madness (inside Huntington Life Sciences)
Interviews With Animal Liberation Front Activists
Keep Fighting (3 interviews with Britain's ALF press officers)
Let's Get Free! (about Jeff "Free" Luers)
Meeting The People and Ideas of The Animal Liberation Movement
Memories of Freedom (ALF 1990's US)
The Nighttime Gardener's Guide
Notes From The Underground (animal liberation frontline service)
One Struggle #1 (1998 animal/eco mag)
The Power Is Ours: Manual On Saving The Earth and The Animals
Rod Coronado's Experience With Government Harassment
Spectacular Times: Animals (ALF)
The True Story of Stumpy Bear (comix dis'ing US de-Forest Service)
Two Essays On Youth Liberation (E.Goldman)


3 Positions Against Prison
500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
ABCF Constitution & Structure (prisoner support)
ABCF Guide To Political Prisoner Support
Abolish Restaurants (
The Anarchist Black Cross Federation - What is the ABCF? (pamphlet)
Ask First! (consent)
Banner Wars (Spandoeken Oorlog)
Beginners Guide To Responsible Sexuality (for men)
Betrayal (analysis of rape culture in anarchist subcultures)
Changing Ways Redefining Manhood
Colonization & Decolonization (manual for indigenous liberation 21st century)
Colonization Is Always War
Communique From an Ex-Cop
The Construction Site (from The Housing Monster by
.d = Eric McDavid June 11th (prisoner support)
Dropping Out (for students)
Empower Yr Sexy Self (workbook)
Fuck And Paste
Genital Autonomy (against circumcision)
Grand Juries (tools of political repression)
Grin And Bare It All (against liberal conceptions of sex work)
How Fast It All Blows Up: Some Lessons From the 2001 Cincinnati Riots
How-to DIY Consent Workshop
Icarus Project: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs
Icarus Project: NAvigating Crisis (pamphlet)
If An Agent Knocks (federal investigators & your rights)
Intro To Feminism
James Carr, the Black Panthers and all that
June 11th Strategy (2004, prisoner support)
Learning Good Consent
Mm = Marius (formerly Marie) Mason June 11th (prisoner support)
Making Connections (against prison industrial complex, pamphlet)
N'Drea (one woman's fight to die her own way)
The Neighborhood (from The Housing Monster by
No One Is Illegal (immigration, xenophobia, racism)
The Prison Industrial Complex & The Global Economy
Queers Bash Back (principles of engagement)
Race & Border: The Two-Headed Ogre of White Supremacy
Said The Pot To The Kettle (feminist theory for anarchist men)
Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault
The "T" Word: Pass The Mission (trans)
Toward The Queerest Insurrection
Unapologetic Choice (2006 radical abortion and reproductive rights journal)
What to do when you've been called out: a brief guide. (pamphlet)
Who Is Oakland? (anti-oppression activism, politics of safety, state co-optation)
Work Community Politics War (


A Country of Ghosts (2 part zine of novel by Margaret Killjoy)
CrimethInc. DIY "How To" Guide Vol.1
The Super Happy Anarcho-Fun Pages #17 (comix)

*** ALL zines intended for educational purposes only, NOT instruction for illegal actions of any kind! Contents are the perspectives & opinions of the authors and apart from those who research these publications.