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Evolve "Fire To The Prisons" CD


Evolve "Fire To The Prisons", the Cincinnati conscious hiphop album heavily laced with influences of magick and industrial noise, long-anticipated during several years of touring since 2011's "Reality Guerrilla". This is a superb Evolve release for those previously unfamiliar with the project, as well as friends who have followed closely throughout its many chapters since origins in 2002. Themes of dire urban tension, bridging the personal and political, and the pursuit of unmasking ominous forces ultimately responsible for these circumstances, continue with heightened clarity and craft in these 14 trax. Mixed largely by Jordan Davis (of Cincy industrial rock duo Relic) mastered by Mavis Concave (ex-Realicide) artwork by Brian Uhl (known for work with Clipping, Cloud Rat, etc.) and assistance from various other capable homies, really makes this a milestone in the evolution of... Evolve! CD comes with lyrix sheet and sticker by Gabby Gash (Gnat, DSA) and Bunk News, patches and shirts also available. March 2017 Realicide Youth Records