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Dreams In Hell "Oblivion" LP/CD



A1 Tomorrow Was a Heaven
A2 Dying Under The Green Light
A3 Drowning In Existence
A4 GarGoyle Alien
A5 Perpetual Funeral
B1 Angel of Pain
B2 You Can Forget
B3 Dedicated To The Impossible
B4 No Slave To Tomorrow


Cincylvania's unforgivable void of DEATHROCK relieved by goth punk nosferdudes Dreams In Hell with their debut album Oblivion. Written throughout Robert Inhuman's 300th year on a trifling mortal coil, comprised of Dark Ceremony DIY goth parties, including benefit event for Bat Conservation International, and seemingly endless nights of crying inconsolably at the crippling regret that is enduring a world of unflinching defaults and questionable sincerity. Jerry of Vacation & Tweens on bass, Dustin of White Walls & Abduction on guitar, the one and only Duke Paranormal on drums, vox (including backwards Twin Peaks style) by Robert Inhuman, backing vox by Ving Creature, mastered by Mavis Concave. 19 September 2013, 300 LP, 500 CD, full color jacket with accompanying zine of artwerk and vinyl sticker.

Dark Ceremony (DARK#3)
Realicide Youth Records (CIDE#77)