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Divtech "Stasis Confines, Action Conditions" LP/CD/zine


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The best intersection of breakcore, industrial noize, and contemporary anarcho-punk in 2016 for real, globally. Divtech's first vinyl LP, created 2013-16 during a nomadic chapter living incide a modified cargo van, mastered by Audiosiege, first pressing 500 LP's and 100 CD's, June 2016 at Realicide house in Cincinnati. For anyone who's been inspired by the old Digital Hardcore gang, ethos of Praxis, Realicide in the band's later years, or the avant and calculated nature of old punk bands like Conflict, this album is very very highly recommended.

12" LP record comes with zine of lyrix/essays, stickers, and a ready-to-cut stencil. Options also available for CD format, shirts, patches, buttons, big poster, etc.

International mail has become very expensive, but we will include extra stuff with your record as a "thanx".