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Freezerburn #20 $3
Saint Louis zine of comix and assorted xerox-warping craziness by Mr. Ben, a long-time fave during years of Realicide touring, it's really something to check out unless you detest insanity and fun.

"magazine for noise and politics" from Praxis in Berlin...
Features: “Hedonism and Revolution: The Barricade and the Dancefloor”; “Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organized crime & the law in 1960s London”; “Shaking the Foundations: Reggae soundsystem meets ‘Big Ben British values’ downtown”; “Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins”; “Dancing before the police come”; “From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial”; “From Conspiracy Theories to Attempted Assassinations: The American Radical Right and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement”; “How to start with the subject. Notes on Burroughs and the ‘combination of all forms of struggle’”. Fiction: “Sonic Fictions” by Riccardo Balli; “Digital Disease” by Dan Hekate; “Infra-Noir. 23 Untitled Poems” by Howard Slater; “Office Work” by Matthew Fuller. Also: “Beat Blasted Planet. An interview with Steve Goodman on ‘Sonic Warfare’” by Matthew Fuller and Steve Goodman; “Free Parties” by Terra Audio; “This is the end… the official ending” by Gorki Plubakter. Plus political news, record reviews, charts and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

"magazine for noise and politics" from Praxis in Berlin, #12 published October 2012

Robin The Hood: The Oso Blanco Zine $5
The incredible story of Oso Blanco, who robbed many banks unarmed, sending the money to aid Zapatista children. 100 pages of letters, articles, photos, drawings. Learn more about Oso Blanco, the man and his philosophy, write to him in prison,

Sacrifice Zine #1 $2
Zine curated by Robert Inhuman, first issue compiled January through September 2007. Features interviews with Justice Yeldham, Halflings, Vankmen, Gordan Ashworth, Z’EV, Lydia Lunch (interviewed by Bryan Saunders), OvO, Bunny Poe, Jason Zeh. Essays by Split Horizon, David Lim, Noam Erica, Andrew Barranca. Artwork by Ryan Faris, Pamela Mogollon, Mister Ben S, Nicole Bailey, Adrian DeQuiros, Dominick Fernow, Jessica Rylan, Robert Inhuman. 1st edition: 300, October 2007. 2nd edition: 50, December 2010.

Sacrifice Zine #2 $2
Constructed of material gathered throughout 2008, this 2nd episode of Sacrifice features interviews with Capital Hemorrhage, Abiku, Nuclear Dawn, Xrin Arms, and written pieces by Cybelle Collins, Knox Mitchell, Simon Severe, and Michael from Big Nurse. New artwork by Mr.Ben and Robert Inhuman, with a series of earlier drawings by Adrian DeQuiros and Shawn Blake. The zine’s centerfold actually folds out to reveal an extensive survey piece of the question "Is the intent of amusement and social comfort a threat to the potency of applied punk / hardcore / noise ethics in our daily lives?" with widely varying responses from Johnny Ultraviolence, BIRTH!, Jason Forrest, Muscle Brain, Trevor Dunn, Jim Swill, Rosemary Malign, and dozens more… 200 copies, December 2008.

Jim Swill “Sleeping With Your Eyes Open” chapbook $2
Xerox/staple book, a collection of Swill’s writing from 2004-05, much of which has been used lyrically for Realicide performances and spoken pieces. Edition: 200, August 2006.

Jim Swill “A Hollow Destination” chapbook $2
Second collection by Big Swill, this material written and arranged throughout later 2006, an intensely passionate montage of poetry and prose both wrenchingly romantic and socially-minded. For any appreciators of his spoken/lyrical work within Realicide and Evolve performances, this one is 100% pure savory SWILL magic. Edition: 200, February 2007.

Jim Swill "Caustic Nostalgia" $6
Nostalgia, or a longing for experiences past, is something most of us can relate to. But perhaps equally relatable is the private sense of torment and psychological erosion which can accompany indulgence in this longing. Amidst the common shroud of confusion and mortal fear we may find our lives fallen vulnerable to, the past often appears alluring or more fulfilling than various obstacles of the present day, yet by the dictations of time the past is forever a forbidden reality. Jim Swill's Caustic Nostalgia is a collection of poems spanning 2007-2010, documenting and exploring this struggle between self-destruction and enlightenment throughout his own turbulent experiences. Simultaneously brutal and beautiful, these poems convey the precise intensity this author has become known for within the American underground and DIY scenes. Along with his various chapbooks and spoken performances, Swill is known as a core member of Realicide and frequent collaborator within groups such as Evolve, Bunk News, and Get Born. 28 August 2010, edition of 250 books, hand screenprinted gold on black covers, 64 pages.

Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 1: Temple Ov The Screen” zine $3
– collection of socio-political collage works of Jim Swill. 2009

Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 2” zine $3
– 2009

Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 3” zine $3
– 2010

Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 4” zine $3
– 2011

NOT BORED! book $15

Sewer City Breakfast #1 $1
- the premier zine from Franchesca G and Sandrina Slime, Realicide collaborates from Cincinnati, a spatter of comix, articles, collage, just a classic for-fun-punk-zine style. Check it out for free at shows or a buck via mail!

The Raging Pelican #2 $0 (just postage!)
"journal of gulf coast resistance" from New Orleans.

xVagrancyx zine $2
– tour journals and stories by a friend in New Orleans.

Robert Inhuman “Low Budget Cliché” $10
(early xerox collage book from 2000-2001, 64 pg.)

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