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(data-DVDR, 4.3gb of over 1,800 files) We're living in an age, more and more it seems, in which all information is available if we're able to recognize and accept it. This is a data DVDR that contains around 99% of anything ever publicly available by Realicide, beginning with the project's conception in 2002 through the curation of this release in September 2008, totaling over 37 hours of audio, hundreds of flyers and posters and photos, notes, all organized into 67 folders... For anyone who has not already owned Realicide material, or for anyone looking for any earlier or more obscure previous releases, this disc contains almost everything that the public has ever had access to: tapes, vinyl records, CDR's, zines, "net releases", compilation tracks. And as the title suggests, it was painstakingly compiled in order to adhere to the recent surge of Torrent file-sharing online. You can make torrents of it, inject it into your Soulseek files, burn CD's, anything... As bonus material, included are many previous releases by Realicide-related artists such as Evolve, Mavis Concave, Ultra//Vires, aaronquinn, SX, Hentai Lacerator, Jim Swill, No Candy... The DVD case it's packaged in also contains 3 xerox posters and a sticker. Postage-paid US price is $15 because of the massive amount of information on the disc and the labor that went into compiling it, but since the idea behind this release is file-sharing, it is suggested that you get a few friends to throw in a couple dollars each, buy 1 copy, and share it. Any profit from this release will contribute to the next phase of Realicide Youth Records, which will offer new and increasingly focused material by Realicide members and artists of a similar ethic and motivation, including as much collaborative activity as possible with anyone who feels they can truthfully relate to our chosen path and purpose. Please email with any questions, or for distro rates.

Robert Inhuman “Decimated” CDR $5
14 tracks of reading, pieces from throughout the previous ten years, recorded November 2010, a reclusive month in Cincinnati during the canceled weeks of the Realicide tour of Europe. This writing is generally somewhat morbid, reflecting a period of intense grief and personal struggle. Certain pieces have appeared lyrically within releases of past years; amidst Realicide and other projects. Others are those that have fallen through the cracks, or that have not yet found their final destination. Artwork features various gigantic spiders of Australia, screenprinted disc, very small edition: 30 copies, December 2010.

This is an undeniably dark and socio-politically radical hip hop mix tape, the 6th full length Evolve release since its conception in 2002. Created summer 2010 through early 2011 in Cincinnati, REALITY GUERRILLA continues the project's emphasis on the cut-up approach to daily life and decisions, however in this work production is sharper and more reliant on chopping break and sampling music rather than the often garbled tape collages that encoated previous Evolve albums. Colin Murray again handles beat and synth production, both hardware and software, extensive editing along with lyrics aligned to themes of urban anxieties and the general pressures inherent in surviving an American capitalist society. The breakbeat and electronica styles are deviated from at times with dubstep-influenced production by Surgery Games, and Freak One of Cincinnati's Cem Com appears lyrically on several focal tracks. For anarchists, for people with an interest in magick, for people who need the radical origins of hip hop to be reclaimed and maintained, REALITY GUERRILLA is something to investigate... Originally a 62 minute cassette self-published April 2011, now a screenprinted CDR with fold-out lyrics poster via Realicide Youth Records, edition of 100, May 2012.

Evolve "Circumstance Reality Defacement" CDR $5
The fourth Evolve album, originally released by Tanzprocesz label in France, packaged as colorful collage artwork clippings inside a record sleeve in 2008. This re-release attempts to give more exposure to the album in parts of the world it may have not reached previously. Most of its contents recorded 2007 and 2008, with interjecting bits from years prior. Significant contributions of lyrics, dialogue, and collage by Freak-One (of Cem Com) and Jim Swill (of Realicide). This is warm flutes and chimes, meditative textural looping, urban and confrontational, drum machine and synth, hardware-based, magick-inspired raps unified with psychedelic electronica and tape cut-ups. Evolve sounds like the Skinny Puppy of conscious hiphop, if that makes any sense, there is no other group quite like this. Screenprinted disc, comes with vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, February 2011.

Evolve “Once it was easy to give up everything you had & wander; before the streets were venomous: we walk” $5
The third Evolve album, re-issued after its initial release on the Heresee label in late 2006. This is a beautifully warm and passionate album from Cincinnati Ohio; a collection of tape collage blending into spoken pieces, joined by primal hardware drum machine and synth patterns, humble urban hiphop elements with surreal freestyles by guests such as Jim Swill and Freak One. If you have interest in art and music that confronts the dark, edgy aspects of city life, the grit and anxiety, fears and personal conflicts, but still with an overwhelming feeling of awe and compassion, a love for both friends and passing strangers, the Evolve project is highly recommendable. If you are interested in music that’s purpose is to make you feel invulnerably hard and comic-book-like, you might want to skip this and stick with mainstream radio. Screenprinted disc, foldout lyrics xerox poster, and a color photograph. 200 copies, December 2008.

Evolve “Beyond Limits Being Human” CDR/zine $5
Second full album featuring CM, DJ Yes, Swill, Freak1, more… art-damaged hiphop, socially charged lyrics, dynamic cut-ups and tripped out chop work. Accompanying book of lyrics and many many graff flicks both local to Cincinnati OH and from various cities visited on tour + fold-out poster of a subhuman skeleton dug up. Screenprinted disc. Edition: 150, February 2006.

Freak One "The Recap" CDR $5
Frequent member of the Evolve project and 1/2 of Chemical Committee, this is the first solo hip hop release by Freak One from Cincinnati Ohio. Known for his raps advocating socio-political pacifism and resistance to American super-corporations, the album has an ultimately compassionate and egalitarian theme. As with Cem Com, there is a strong motif of pharmaceutical experimentation, and an honest critique of its abuse both intimately and within our society as a whole. Other topics include tagging, dumpster-diving, and observation of local police violence. Beats were produced by various Cincinnati friends then mixed by Evolve, riddling the tracks with sound collages mapped out by Freak. The screenprinted CD is supplemented by full color artwork, a xerox zine filled with extensive lyrics and essays and graff, and a vinyl sticker. For the truly adventuresome in obscure avenues of hip hop, this is definitely something to try out. Edition: 100, February 2011.

Freak One "The End Is Over" CDR $5
The 2nd album of socio-politically-charged hip hop from Freak One, produced by Evolve in Cincinnati, featuring beats and additional lyrics by Beta Max of Cem Com, among various other friends. Topics range from DIY versus consumerism to a predatory pharmaceutical industry to ecological sustainability to the human struggle with vengeance, forgiveness, and mortality. Accompanied by essays, poster artwork by LAIR, screenprinted disc. Edition of 100, June 2012

Chemical Committee “Ill-umi-Nati” CDR $5
Chemical Committee (AKA CemCom) is the Cincinnati hiphop duo of Beta Max and Freak One (Evolve project collaborator) rapping about drugs, the cops, tagging, and an array of other presences in their world, both positive and negative – all backed by strongly Wu-influenced beats laced heavily with old video games and movie samples of varying traceable relevance. This is 100% robo-tripping hiphop, raw from the frustrated and crazed urban midwest American youth. ILL-UMI-NATI was originally self-released in 2007, now re-editioned for CemCom’s debut contribution to the Realicide label. Screenprinted disc, color cover art, fold-out poster. 100 copies, August 2009.

Hentai Lacerator "Do me before the Hentai Lacerator CD is over" CDR $5
Appalling and despicable release in 2010 by normally breakcore-related label BRK in Lyon, France. This is the final release of the bizarre grindcore / sped-up noiserock trio of Robert Inhuman and the guys from Capital Hemorrhage and Ultra//Vires. Hentai Lacerator was only active 2005-2007, based in Dayton and briefly toured the midwest and southern regions of the US. This BRK release is a collection of 69 trax of HL at its worst - scathing noisecore, earliest demo and rehearsal recordings, all overtly themed around Slimer and comparable creatures engaging in nympho-maniacal frenzies of orgasmic dementia with human (?) females. BRK has gone all-out in the DIY fashion with a screenprinted disc, several screenprinted vinyl stickers, and a lime green A3 foldout featuring many R.Inhuman drawings dating back to early childhood. Tracklist contains previously unavailable material as well as all releases besides "Covered In Fun" and "Sugarsplash", which were the two primary HL albums...
- "Made From The Dreams of Babies" part I and II (Realicide Youth Records, 2006)
- both cassingles accessorizing "Covered In Fun" album (RYR, 2007)
- 7" (Isle of Man, 2007)
- final live gig 3" (Jeshimoth, 2008)

Hentai Lacerator “Sugarsplash!” CDR/zine $7
The long-dreaded release of Hentai Lacerator’s studio-recorded set, 12 songs about Slimer crying slippery with anxious joy onto animated dreamlike girlfriends (vocal by Robert Inhuman of Realicide), backed by manic and infuriating blasts of abstracted hardcore, grind, and sped-up noiserock (by members of Capital Hemorrhage). D-beat purists will vomit in utter disapproval (it will sound ironically much like the vocal on the CD) but true noisecore and musically-perverted freaks are sure to rejoice about an album that references many punk styles of the past decade while not sounding like the same shit you’ve been into since you were fucking 15, and it’s recorded totally decent as well! So if you love Slimer, or any of the substances that spray off of him, or any of the robust babes that hang out with him, and are sick of pretending like crust isn’t just metal that dresses like “Road Warrior” bullshit, check out “Sugarsplash!” …and if your parents are coming up the stairs just throw that shit under your bed and everything will be cool. Co-released by Outfall Channel ( and Realicide Youth, packaged in a lime green DVD case w/ screenprinted discs and large fold-out poster, lyrics sheet, booklet of extensive illustrations and interviews with crucially influencial (to HL) figures in adult entertainment such as Amber Evans, Petra Verkaik, Belladonna... Edition: 100, January 2008. GIVE ME PINK. 2nd edition: 100, July 2008.

Hentai Lacerator 3” CDR $4
Published by something called Jeshimoth in Joplin MO; intense recording of the final Hentai Lacerator show 21 October 2007 in Saint Louis.

DJ Immolation "Morgue of Human Sanity" CDR $5
Sophmore release of increasingly punishing and relentless gabber speedcore with elements of terror and breakcore, from the outskirts of Cincinnati by DJ Immolation. 16 trax ensuring no survivors, if not in the physical sense then at least in terms of total psychological disfigurement beyond any shred of hope for reconstruction. So if you need electronic music to be raw, fast, and brutally inane, this is what's up. Cover art by LAIR, screenprinted disc, comes with a vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, February 2011.

DJ Immolation “a Product of Dementia” CDR $5
Debut album from this emerging Cincinnati terrorcore / speedcore producer, “A PRODUCT OF DEMENTIA” is a collection of relentless electronic high-speed strife created 2007-09. Wrenching anxiety through harsh gabber kicks, slashing synth lines, segways from classics like Clockwork Orange and Fear And Loathing… DJ IMMOLATION is a reminder that raw hardcore techno is alive and well within contingents of midwest US youth. 100 copies, screenprinted disc, December 2009.

Mavis Concave “Survive This” CDR $5
Mavis Concave of Realicide, SX, DJ Thumper – 5 track EP produced summer 2009 in Saint Louis – a narrative trudging though complete emotional devastation, intense self-doubt and identity conflicts, vengeful and defeated confessions, and finally the tempered strength to move forward – wrenching vocal performances all to a soundscape of raw digital glitches, scathing breakcore rhythms, and the driving force of memorable synth lines backed by immaculate gabber kicks. There is even an amped up digital hardcore cover of Dystopia’s song “Socialized Death Sentence” for anyone whose job has them considering suicide as a reasonable alternative. If you’d always thought hard electronic beats were nothing besides a cheap accessory to raver drugs – here is another fierce counterexample. EMBRACE YOUR DOOM – IN FORWARD MOTION! Screenprinted disc with fold-out poster (artwork by Nick Francel) 150 copies, August 2009.

Praey CDR $5
Debut songs from the Saint Louis hardcore trio (Kerns Lane, Mavis Concave, Jack Callahan) that was formed, playing gigs in surrounding cities, and recorded all within June 2009! Strong influence from the youthful urgency of fast, oldschool HxC combined with heavy, dissonant guitar doom and calculated bursts of mic feedback and other scraps of noise amidst otherwise conventional punk rock song structures – this self-titled Praey EP contains 8 studio tracks, including renditions of “Pressure” by Negative Approach and “Shit For Reality” by Realicide, and 3 live recordings from gigs and a radio session. Screenprinted disc, color cover art (by Nick Francel), fold-out poster. 150 copies, August 2009.

Split Horizon “Thunder In The Ground” CDR $5
Detroit’s noisy politically-driven hardware sequencer / synth techno by Matt Schultz, accompanied by a series of short essays and an informative interview about the motives and general perspective of Split Horizon. Matt is a central figure in Detroit’s From The Gut collective, which attempts to organize electronic music events and record releases that are both socially exciting and also intellectually critical of its own artistic output and the political environments in which it is being produced. For fans of things like Praxis / Datacide, the ideas of Split Horizon could be of substancial interest. Screenprinted disc, foldout essays / interview xerox. 100 copies, December 2008. 50 copies, December 2009.

Split Horizon “Storm Wave” CD $7
– Detroit hard broken beats, like psychedelic industrial, not unlike something of Praxis both in sound and motivations.

Dimentia “A Vision’s Voice” CD $7
– dark captivating magick industrial soundscapes from the Katabatik camp in Oakland, released by Void in Detroit 2009.

Long-awaited studio production of the songs performed 2005-06, SX is the hardcore project created by Mavis Concave (Realicide, DJ Thumper) collaborating with alternating female members. This phase has been Mavis and Nina Wright (Divine Pile, Skull Lab artspace) and in style ranges from digital hardcore, punk and grind, socially-charged lyrics and sampling, spoken segments. For supporters of Realicide-related bands and progressive hardcore music in general. Stenciled disc + fold-out sleeve. It’s pronounced “SEX”. Edition: 150, April 2007.

The New Flesh “filth & degradation vol.II” CDR $4
Baltimore’s loud and crushing punk rock bitterness archives filthy live gigs of 2005. For the shred of hope remaining in rock and roll music, this is one band definitely doing their part to keep it raw and untamed. Some tracks featuring Robert Inhuman, Jim Swill, and Dustin Newman. Screenprinted disc, vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, September 2006.

Big Nurse / Realicide CDR $5
Split and collaborative recordings by Cincinnati Realicide and Nashville’s falling apart punk/noise rockers Big Nurse. Two spacey and lengthy Big Nurse studio tracks, live shows throughout 2005 including March 10th’s “Real Big Nursicide” collaboration of eight band members at Sudsy’s in Cincinnati (shockingly we have played at Sudsy’s yes) Screenprinted disc with foldout xerox poster/sleeve. Edition: 100, April 2006.

Abombination [demo] CDR $2
Hardcore 3 piece punk rock demo, screenprinted disc, Realicide crew’s !NFECT as vocalist, produced by Mavis Concave, 5 songs about being stepped on, pissed off, and Wolverine. Edition: 100, May 2005.

Serendip #1 Compilation CD $10
– featuring Realicide “The Choice Is Yours”, this CD was released for the Serendip label’s launch in Paris France, October 2010. Other artists include Patric Catani, Costes, Company Fuck… 21 artists total, fantastic multi-color screened cover art.

BRK “Francophonic” CD compilation $5
– wild breakcore compilation from Lyon France feat. Realicide “Neutralizing Opiate”

Lost Compound 2 CDR $4
– compilation from the Toronto breakcore / experimental electronic crew feat. Realicide, Traits, Amphetamine Virus, Often, Skymall, The First Seed…

Lost Compound 3 CDR $4
– compilation from the Toronto breakcore / experimental electronic crew feat. Realicide, Heartworm, The First Seed, Traits, Xrin Arms, video by Skeeter…

The Virus Has Been Spread: D-Trash tribute to Atari Teenage Riot CD $10
– raw digital hardcore compilation featuring 16 artists and groups covering ATR songs spanning their career in the 1990’s. There are some really great tracks on this collection; well-produced and inventive interpretations.

REALICIDE “Narcissism Is The Enemy” CDR $5
03/13/08 Acid Fever House in Dayton OH, 7 songs recorded live to 4-track. This is the first public performance of the set created by Jon Prunty (of Capital Hemorrhage, Hentai Lacerator) and Robert Inhuman for the Spring 2008 tour of Europe. The songs are militant and reference industrial and harsh noise heavily, while still adhering to the ideas of “contemporary hardcore” put in motion by previous incarnations of the band led by Mavis Concave and Aaron Quinn. The lyrical content (all included on insert sheet) contains topics such as street begging, a simplified definition of politics, consideration for straight edge ideals, grim misanthropy, and the ironic alienating effects of sub-cultures. The sound is raw, in a similar style as the “Which Is Your War” disc a few months prior. Released by Outfall Channel with screenprinted covers and discs. Edition: 125, March 2008. 2nd edition: 75, July 2008.

Realicide “Raw Skeletal Knuckles” 3” CDR $4
– released by FTAM (Milwaukee, WI) a collection of Electribe beat patterns, live recordings from the summer 2008 tour (including an adaptation of The Mob’s song “I Wish” and collab segment with Charlie Turner), and spoken segways. June 2009.

J-Stat "Live At Breakcore Pancakes" CD $5
Void / From The Gut, one of the greatest breakcore punx to come from Detroit, hand-screened cover art.

Secular Plague CD $10
Hardcore punk meets deathrock, debut 2012 EP from Saph previously of Sleeping Children in Belgium, highly recommended! Also check out Secular Plague's sophmore release "Death For Sale" (Realicide/Flehmen 2013)

Shadow Image "Kiss The Ashes" CD $10
Debut album on European label Danse Macabre, Shadow Image is goth/deathrock from Flint Michigan, sounds and looks fantastic, glamourously morbid and highly recommended! Listen to excerpts from the album here

Nomadic War Machine “I have a gun. Give me all the money in the register.” CD $8
– absolutely fantastic anarchist goth industrial / breakcore from the east bay and various other transient locations. One of the best finds of 2010 by far. Highly recommended!!

Vankmen / Noise Concrete CDR $5
– the best gabber speedcore of the US versus brutal Japanese harsh noise – highly recommended!

Vankmen / Muerto Zoke 3” CDR $5
– more awesome Vankmen speedcore noise collab action, with various brightly colored xerox artwork.

Vankmen vs Chopstick “Dirty Slackers Stay Out” floppy disc $3
– west coast noise on a straight up computer floppy disc.

Vankmen “Crunkcore Comes Alive!” CDR $5
– fantastic collection of live Vankmen shows throughout 2005-09 ranging from the very best Oakland speedcore, breakcore, and noise – all exciting all the time!

Vankmen “Lockjaw” bcCDR $3
– short brutal noise release by Vankmen, typically known for the best speedcore gabber mayhem in North America, on their own Crunkcore label (Oakland, CA) with color artwork.

Crunkcore Sampler Vol. 3 $5
– feat. Vankmen, Goddamn Sam’s Birth rmx, much more gabber, speedcore, and hard breaks!

Mental D-struction “Extrapolation of Human Perspectives” CD $7
– intensive speedcore / breaks / noise from France.

Null Hypothesis “Attention Deficit Oink Oink Oink” CD $9
– Melbourne industrial / breakcore / ambience.

Lance Blisters CD $9
– Anarchist protest songs from NYC via crisp fast breakcore songs driven by digital guitar – (a)political electronic music with loud proud lyrics sung.

Amphetamine Virus “Starting Over” CD $8
– some of the absolute best US breakcore; from Backwards Records in Seattle – remixes of White Zombie, Tool, Body Count, many more…

In The Age Of Terminal Static “Bumblefuck Hivegrinder” CD $8
– Seattle bee-driven industrial and noise.

Nero’s Day At Disneyland “From Rotting Fantasylands” CD $10
– Oakland’s manic orchestral immaculately crafted breakcore circus, album on Cock Rock Disco.

Mincemeat Or Tenspeed “Strange Gods” CD $10
– Philadephia incricately layered rhythmic noise on the verge of dance beats.

Hardon Collider "Particle Exciter" CDR $5
- Cincinnati circuit bent noise / breakcore.

tik///tik “I punch with my eyes closed” CD $7
– Los Angeles fractured songs spliced with vocal and hardware noise, synth contributor to the Realicide “Resisting…” album.

Captain Ahab “After The Rain My Heart Stll Dreams” CD $8
– the album from 2006 merging happy hardcore, electro, and plenty of other things as platform for sometimes unsettling content.

Rose For Bohdan “then everybody hugged; racism is god” CD $8
– 5th album by an incredible progressive punk rock band on Deathbomb Arc Records feat. members of Gang Wizard and Foot Village.

.e CDR $5
– our favorite Saint Louis future pop, think indie no wave guitar and voice over elaborately crafted Electribe hardware beats and synths, absolutely fantastic.

Bestial Mouths CD $5
Los Angeles goth synthpunk, early demo featuring BIRTH! on drums.

Speak Onion "Metabolor" CD $5
NYC breakcore meets harsh bent noise, for fans of Vankmen, etc. Immigrant Breast Nest label.

Speak Onion / Joy Through Noise "Entangled Fields" CD $5
NYC breakcore meets harsh bent noise, for fans of Vankmen, etc. Immigrant Breast Nest label.

Speak Onion "Illusion of Depth" & "Swallower" CD $5
NYC breakcore meets harsh bent noise, for fans of Vankmen, etc. Immigrant Breast Nest label.

David Morneau "Confessions of a Digital Proselyte" CD $5
Immigrant Breast Nest label.

David Morneau "a/break machinations" CD $6
Immigrant Breast Nest label.

David B. Applegate "Index of Bad Companions" CD $5
Hand-screenprinted cover, Immigrant Breast Nest label.

Om Eater "Thermometerometer" CD $5
Hand-screenprinted cover, Immigrant Breast Nest label.


Jim Swill + Evolve DVD $8
- from Bunk News in 2009 also featuring Realicide, Cem Com, Mavis Concave, Honest Abe.

Honest Abe DVD $8
– beautiful Cincinnati ambient improv group documented through collaboration with Bunk News.

Brian Miller & Kevin Shields “we had a baby and it will die” DVD $8


Salome's Dance cassette $5
Russian deathrock released in US by Occult Whispers (Dez from Cemetery) 4 song cassette - sounds and looks fantastic! If you dig goth punk tapes this is highly recommended! Hear trax at

Pillowbiter (2013) cassette $5
Awesome noiserock meets sloppy hxc/grind from Cincinnati!

Abduction (2013 demo) cassette $2.50
HxC punk about aliens featuring Dustin from Dreams In Hell / White Walls / etc!

Jim Swill "Turn This City Off" cassette $5
ex-Realicide, spoken weird performances 2010 at Marburg Hotel, Cincinnati...

Primary Colors "Fading Collapse" cassette $5
The 2nd album by an awesome synthpunk and scrapyard percussion duo outta Oakland! Both have been cassette format! Great classic approach to dancey industrial songwriting in every way - the structure, lyrics, synths, recording style, etc. If you grew up rocking Nitzer Ebb's old That Total Age tape, you really won't be able to resist Primary Colors. It's just that simple, haha! This is the band that makes it not as bad that Babyland broke up. Don't miss it if you have the chance to see these guys live - it's played just as cool as the recordings, and it's a whole lotta fun in any DIY space!

The Creature / John Hays split cassette $5
The Creature is gnarly horror punk from Cincinnati, with sinister action on Dark Ceremony Records coming up... total halloween theme.

STILLSUIT cassette $5
Noiserock punx from Oakland feat. Vanessa from The Coughs, Sister Fucker, etc!

Mental D-struction cassette $5
Brutal speedcore noise straight from France.

CYCLES cassette $4
More awesome MI hxc punk, Sock from Xtra Vomit on drums.

Hegemonicide cassette $5
Brandon Hill from Xtra Vomit, Victory, Shattered Badge, etc. solo eco-grindcore and noise, highly recommended!

Victory! / Party Favorites split cassette $4
Victory! is a wild noisecore duo from Grand Rapids that have toured with Realicide and will have an LP on RYR in the future.

Realicide (Robert Inhuman) / Kairos split cassette $2
...split cassette (c60) on Molecular Reconstruction (Houston, TX) featuring solo Inhuman on 5lowershop pirate radio in SF, July 4th 2004 during the first Realicide tour.

Realicide / Piasa split cassette $2
...a Realicide mix of live recordings from 2006 "JUMPED AND DIED"