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Boltcutter "Unmediated Action" CDr

Image of Boltcutter "Unmediated Action" CDr


Animal/eco-defense HxC from Cincinnati. Hear/download at...

Boltcutter =
Christopher Flint - guitar
Simón Sotelo - bass
Jacob Taylor - drums
Robert I'mhuman - vox

written & recorded 2015 in Cincinnati
Loren Turner - tracking engineer
Todd McHenry - mixing & mastering
vox recorded at Cide Central RIP
Brian Uhl - cover illustration
Robert I'mhuman - typography
Mary Lamb - cover art concept

We do not usually play age restrictive events in Cincinnati.
We are most interested in constructive All Ages DIY benefit shows.

Realicide Youth Records CIDE#91
$$ from this album is going to Appalachia Resist, Bite Back magazine, and other stuff these songs are about.